Friday, 23 October 2015


A bit late notice but I'll be at the Notts Comic Con tomorrow from 12PM-5PM. I'll be doing a panel at 12.00 then will be at my table U13 for the rest of the afternoon. I'll have two exclusive A3 posters for sale plus original art and will happy to do simple sketches! I hope to see some of you.


Friday, 16 October 2015

SJS in the grip of the Hand of Fear.

This was the first of the Timeteams I did featuring the Doctor's assistants or companions as they are now known. There's a Hellboy cover like this which must of inspired my version I guess.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Leela and Romana were recreations of  Timeteam drawings. Jo and maggots was added  to form a trio at the commissioner's request. I'm always interested in private commissions - email me at

Though I'm busy until the New Year - always happy to talk.

Thursday, 24 September 2015


No guesses who I'm working on ...

Monday, 31 August 2015


All artworks are £40.00 each plus £8.00 UK postage and £12.00 USA post. Mix of Dr Who Timeteams , Storybook art and Bernice Summerfield covers. Please email me if interested in buying at

If you are looking for a particular piece of art that's not here please get in touch.
Bulk buys of 3 or more get 10% discount.

                                        Big Finish Xmas Card

                                 Bad Wolf

                                 Doctor's Daughter

                                 Enemy of the Bane - RESERVED

                                 Fear Her

                                 Last of the Time Lords

                                 The Next Doctor

                                 Fires of Pompeii 1

                                 Fires of Pompeii 2


                                 The Runaway Bride


                                 Unicorn and Wasp

                                 Waters of Mars - RESERVED

                                 Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith 1

Wedding of SJS 2

                                 Mask of Mandragora

                                 Warriors of the Deep

                                 Full Circle - SOLD

                                 Invasion of Time

                                         Dr Who Storybook 2007
                                         Once Upon a Time 1

                                 Dr Who Storybook 2007
                                 Once Upon a Time 2

                                 Dr Who Storybook 2008
                                 The Iron Circle

                                 Bernice Summerfield CD cover
                                 Beyond the Sea

                                 Bernice Summerfield Book Cover
                                 Secret Histories

                                 Bernice Summerfield CD cover
                                 Freedom of Information    SOLD

                                 Bernice Summerfield Book cover
                                 Something Changed

                                 Bernice Summerfield Book cover
                                 Tree of Life

                                 Bernice Summerfield CD cover
                                 Year Zero

                                 Journey's End

Friday, 31 July 2015


These sketches were done at the UKCAC 96 convention. I found them on sale on Ebay today and thought they'd be interesting to post here. I definitely drew both of these but don't really remember much more. Check out the link below if interested in bidding. I'm not affiliated with the seller in case you wondered!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Sir Christopher Lee , DRACULA PRINCE OF DARKNESS finally rests

I've been a Hammer Horror fan since before the term was coined - back then we were just Hammer fans. Sir Christopher Lee obviously loomed large in the pantheon of their films and no more than as in Dracula Prince of Darkness ( his second outing as the Count). Lee brings a brilliantly feral performance to the character in this film in which he speaks no lines. Legend has it he read the script and thought it so awful he refused to speak his lines. Wether this is true or not it makes for another wonderful Hammer myth for fans to discuss. Below is a drawing I did for Little Shoppe of Horrors ( with newly added Technicolor). Dracula is about to force Diana to drink of his blood from a scratch on his chest. This idea originally came from Bram Stoker's book Dracula.

I'd like to thank him for all the entertainment he has given me over the years in his hundreds of roles. Rest in Peace finally.