Thursday 2 July 2009

Shandor Sez Dez!

 News :

I'll be interviewing Dez Skinn ( House of Hammer , Dr Who Weekly , Warrior ) at a one off event.

 August will see the release of DR WHO: COLD BLOODED WAR - a one shot I've drawn for IDW Comics starring old foes the Ice Warriors and Draconians ! Coloured  by Kris Carter - I'll post examples when I can.

Upcoming is A Study In Terror for Neil Vokes' ELEGY book. I've seen some of his pages and they're a real treat. My back up strip is a psychothriller. I'll be drawing that soon .



  1. if the ticket price includes father shandor putting a few bullets into dez skinn, then i'm booking a front seat - and i'll supply the bullets!
    ps;more art!!

  2. Ah controversy .. we like that.:)


  3. Hi Adrain,

    It's Will from the 'Sez Dez' evening - sorry I had to leave early to catch my train.

    You certainly had your work cut out for you interviewing Dez - I doubt even Parkinson would have faired any better! It all added to the hilarity of the evening though.

    Also, thanks for the sneak peak of your latest artwork. As ever, incredible stuff and it was nice to chat with you again.

    Keep those pics coming!


  4. I love your mono work, Ade - so cool.

  5. Didn't realise Shane was such a bitch!