Tuesday 13 April 2010

Daleks and quad bikes!

This can only mean Jon Pertwee and Jo Grant in DAY OF THE DALEKS! This is one story I grow fonder of with each watch or more sentimental. Jo is particularly groovy and I added some 70's shades to her to add to the factor. Jon of course loved driving *anything* - so this scene where the Ogrons try to catch them on the quad must of been alot of fun to film.The artwork here was for the Time Team - pen and brush on watercolour paper.


  1. Ah, The Time Team! Fab stuff. What a pity you didn`t get to do every story. Two quick Qs Ade - 1] Any word on when the TT will return to DWM to cover the New Series? and 2] Have you got any original Who Art - TT or otherwise - left for us to buy?

  2. I've had no word yet but no word it isn't continuing either! I do have TT art for sale plus strips etc. Email me direct via my Profile page on the blog. We can then discuss further - thanks!