Wednesday 7 March 2012


I was delighted to be contacted by big time 2000AD fan Wiggz to contribute  sketches to his specialised sketchbook . He sent me his packaged book that had some fantastic drawings in it already from the likes of Sean Phillips , Bryan Talbot , Ben Willsher , John Burns and many more. It was a daunting prospect contributing to his book of primarily female Judges ( and why not?!) and something I put off for far too long! In fact I was too nervous to draw straight into his book ( in case I fracked up) so drew full size layouts first that I transfered with graphite paper , tightened them up and in some cases redrew before inking two in brushpen and one in wash as Wiggz requested. Below you will see the layouts and finished art ( Wiggz' book has now gone off to a legendary Dredd artist ! ). It was especially fun to revisit Judge Karyn after nearly 20 years. I got my first break in comics drawing her first solo adventure penned by John Freeman called SKINNER , curtesy of editor David Bishop !

A                                                  JUDGE KARYN



                                                                  CHIEF JUDGE HERSHEY

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