Sunday 15 April 2012

Vote Nelson for Eisner!

Last year I was invited to join over 50 of the UK's best comic storytellers to work on a project called Nelson. Each creator was given a single day in the life of Nel Baker to produce a chapter around , starting in 1968 and continuing at one day a year up to the present. The proceeds  going to charity. The idea was dreamt up by editor Rob Davis , who with fellow editor Woodrow Phoenix  gently steered the course of the book as each creator came up with their installment. My story took place at a fancy dress party on June 14 1986. Nel is first seen wearing her Nelson costume at the party , she's drunk , wandering around the garden being stalked by a batman...

Following are the sketches I sent to Rob before starting drawing the story. Originally I was going to draw it on paper and in fact started pencilling the first page ( included below). I changed midtack on this , transfering it to Manga Studio. To this day I'm not sure I made the right call - but that's how things sometimes roll. I've included a few of the unlettered finished colour pages below as well. You can get a copy of the book from the publishers Blankslate and if you are a fellow comics professional you are able to vote in the Eisner ballot. Nelson is under the Anthology section - we'd all appreciate your support especially since this is a great chance to show what Briti creators are capable of.



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