Tuesday 11 September 2012


Whilst rummaging through some archive discs I ran across these images for the Terror of the Autons Timeteam feature. Below is a reasonably tight thumbnail layout which is why I most likely showed the editor! The usual practice was to discuss and go straight to pencils.

Next we see the submitted pencils. Obviously I've flipped the forground dead Autons and given the Master a more dramatic stance. This is very usual practice for me - always looking to tweak designs for maximum impact.

Finally the illo is coloured with the brighter colours in the forground and the pistol *shot* highlighted in comic style against the background tones.


  1. What's your usual procedure for tackling these? Do you watch the episode and make a choice that you feel is representative or dramatic, or does the editor give you a list? And what is the sort of time scale that you're given from commission to deadline? Do you get much thinking time, because you've produced some real crackers for the Time Team?

  2. I always watch the episode first before submitting written suggestions to editorial. They either agree with my choices or suggest alternatives they prefer. The deadline changes each month due to print timings but generally I do the 2 artworks in 3-4 days. If there's a rush or I'm running late they get done quicker. I like time to watch and source reference - usually screenshots from the show which I make myself. I've a biggish library of Who books to help as well.Hope that helps.


  3. Wow, pretty quick turnaround.

    Thanks for explaining, much appreciated