Thursday 9 January 2014


The two rough layouts were drawn quickly on a Cintiq 22HD screen. These I sent to the client who chose layout 2 ( though liked both). Then on a new layer I drew the *proper* pencils. I'm still new to using the Cintiq but am favouring using a marker pen to match the technical pencil I would use on paper. Once happy with the pencils I printed this off and traced it onto a piece of Strathmore Bristol board 300 Series. Next I made any final changes to the pencils and inked it with a Pilot DR drawing pen 0.5 ( my usual inking weapon of choice).

For colours I used a mix of Winsor @ Newton coloured inks and Dr Martens Concentrated watercolors . I was struggling to find a suitable colour scheme until eureka ! - I remembered those great 1970s Weetabix cards. They included a lovely 70's vibe Tom Baker which I unashamedly used as a guide for my artwork!

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  1. Superb. Love the warm glow I get from the Weetabix influence