Monday 18 October 2010

October pic

Hopefully I should get a proper crack at the Dr and Amy sometime in the future. I've been tinkering away working in Manga Studio ( digital drawing) recently and this pic of Amy is one of the early results. I've done other stuff since including Torchwood illos and am enjoying the digital approach. Manga Studio has some decent aids like perspective and ruler tools but you've still gotta know how to draw to get good results. This week I'm back pencilling at the drawing board , eraser shavings flying no doubt as I tackle a special project.:)



  1. God, this is wonderful. I think you may draw the best Amy Pond I've seen - she's chic, smart and sexy.

  2. Cheers Dan ! My theory was that everyone focuses on getting Matt Smith down pat - I figured I'd work the other way around. Plus she's heaps prettier to draw!