Friday 5 November 2010

On drawing.

Talented artist Danny Kelly posited a question about drawing recently - about the number of lines different artists use to get to a drawing ( that's the simple version of the question). My answer might be of interest to a few.

It's true I go for the *line* right off the bat - be it roughs or pencils. That said I rarely get what I'm after first or tenth time ( that's what erasers were invented for:) I try to get all the basic structural shapes in place first and the gestural marks ( the grace of the drawing). Usually I then let the image *lie* then before coming back to it and tightening up required details till enough is there to be readable. Kirby used see the image before pencil touched paper and practically traced it - I can't do that. I like what John Romita said about *finding* the image on the page - involving sweat and tantrums ( in my case).

It's occured to me that I should devote a bit of time to theorising ( or bullshitting depending on what you think of my thoughts) here on my blog. I'm not that cerebral an art guy but I'm not a total instinct artist either ( like say Frank Frazetta). A pal Rob Davis blogged recently about COLOUR ( and mighty interesting it is too)

Stay tuned for more thoughts...


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  1. Looking forward to it. Coming from a guy who can't draw for squat, I am always interested in figuring out the processes of creating a drawing.