Monday 8 November 2010

Torchwood Mind's Eye step by step

This illustration was a double page spread ( covers two pages). Firstly I set up the correct size template in Manga Studio with central page divide. I wanted the old Victorian school building to feature strongly with Ianto looking back pensively whilst Jack watches in the SUV. Two figures and an interesting building are more than enough for an illustration. I pencilled up the drawing in blue pencil in MS and after editorial comment *lifted* the SUV higher and made it more prominent.

Next on a new layer  I inked the drawing using the pen and marker tools in Manga Studio. I made particular use of the horizontal and vertical ruler tools on the building. The tree was inked on a seperate layer and then the rain added on a new layer using the rain filter. I then customised the computer rain to my liking - deleting lines and adding new ones . There are no perspective lines in this illustration so it must be viewed as four seperate planes - SUV  forground , Ianto mid ground , Building in background with horizon line of rooftops

Finally the file is exported into Photoshop for colouring. With such a relatively detailed drawing I kept the colour scheme simple.


  1. Very Very nice! But what is Manga Studio?

  2. Hi Daniela - Manga Studio is an art application you can get for your computer. It's for drawing comics with though you can do other things with it. Thanks!


  3. I thought I commented on this - apparently not! Anyway, I think it's completely gorgeous. Love the side angle on Jack's face (both in the rough and the finished piece), the way the rain fades out to the red of the sky, Ianto, the tree... that's pretty much everything, isn't it? Anyway - stylish, sexy stuff.