Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Forever Dreaming

My latest DWM comic strip is out now in ish 433 - called Forever Dreaming - here's the first page!

Above is the pencil layout submitted to DWM . The main amendments asked for were that Amy be looking forward in panel one and that panel 2 was a closer shot . For the overhead beach scene and the seaside featured in the strip I spent a cold icey morning taking hundreds of reference shots of Blackpool promenade ( I live a stones throw away) . These became very useful in helping anchor a very dreamy storyline in some form of reality. Funnily enough it never occured to DWM that that I lived so close to such perfect reference for the strip - serendipity for sure!



  1. Thanks ! Be sure and let DWM know too - might get me back on the strip sooner! :)

  2. Nice Smithy! He really is all knees and elbows, isn't he?

  3. corkin page, ade. i really like the soft/subdued colour palette and that emma peel outfit.

  4. Thanks! I was after a modern but retro feel for the story Shane and an Emmapeeler was essential.:)