Monday 9 May 2011

The Dark!

The Dark were the new Dr Who villians in Forever Dreaming ( the strip I've just drawn) . Conceived by writer Jonny Morris , he descibed them as villianous businessmen , practically silhouettes with psychedlic pinwheel glasses and sinister smiles. I knew immediatley what they should look like from this description and they were a huge reason I enjoyed drawing this strip! Here's pg 10 of the first part of the story. You can see that the pencil layouts are merely suggestions - from these I would draw directly with ink , taking the *raw* to a publishable quality. It's important when drawing comics to keep that energy alive - not fall in love with your own drawing and overwork things. The rain of course added an extra mood to the villians who never opened their brollies! The conclusion of this story is on the shelves now - I hope you enjoyed it.

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