Monday 25 June 2012


I've a large selection of Bernice Summerfield art for sale that was used  on either Big Finish's book or audio range. All artwork is black and white ( see image above for size). Price is £60.00 each. Please contact me at  under heading Benny art sale. I can supply digital photo of any art you're interested in. Here's the available art listing:

CD Cover Art

Secret of Cassandra
The Green-Eyed Monsters
Dance of the Dead
Mirror Effect
The Bellatron Incident
Draconian Rage
                                          Poison Seas - SOLD
The Bone of Contention
                                         The Grel Escape - SOLD
                                         Masquerade of Death - SOLD
                                          Kingdom of the Blind - SOLD
Something Changed
                                         The Goddess Quandary- SOLD
The Tartarus Gate
                                         Timeless Passages - SOLD
                                         Empire State - SOLD
                                         Tub full of Cats - SOLD
The Judas Gift
The Final Amendment
                                         The Wake - SOLD
Beyond the Sea
                                          The Diet of  Worms - SOLD
The Adolescence of Time
                                          Glory Days - SOLD
                                          Secret Origins - SOLD
Freedom of Imformation
The Greatest Shop in the Galaxy
                                          Dead Man's Switch - SOLD
Year Zero
                                          Silver Lining - SOLD

Book Covers

The Glass Prison
Life During Wartime
A Life in Pieces
The Tree of Life
Genius Loci
Old Friends
                                       Missing Adventures - SOLD
The Vampire Curse
Secret Histories
The Two Jasons
The Big Hunt

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