Friday 13 September 2013

My IDW Dr Who comicbook

Here's a link to my one and only IDW Dr Who comicbook that I drew - terrifically coloured by Kris Carter! We were chasing a very tight deadline and Richard Starkings ( who took over as writer from Gary Russell) would email me script pages daily which I'd madly draw and send off to Kris as editor Denton Tipton watched over us. The story called COLD BLOODED WAR featured Draconians and Ice Warriors and was set on Draconia. Fans of the tv series will no doub't realise this was a love letter to the two brilliant Peladon stories. It was a blast to imagine Draconia - visually a very Middle Eastern influenced world in the book. It even featured an elite Draconian Ninja force who brought a decent quota of action to a rather moving story. I never drew another IDW book ( not sure why) but have coloured a few Dr Dwo books for them since which was a pleasure!

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