Monday 6 June 2011

Keys Of Marinus hand coloured art

Here is a rare example of a piece of Time Team art from before I went to digital colouring. After inking the  approved pencils I would make numerous photocopies to try various colour combinations on. Once I settled on the right colour scheme I would then hand colour the original with Dr Martin's Liquid Watercolors. You either got it right first time or wrecked the art ( though there's many a time I fixed mistakes with gouache )  The finished art was then sent to the DWM office where Peri scanned it on for publication. Apparently when I finally succumbed to the darkside and sent in digital files - her life got so much easier.:)

The art you see here is one of only two hand coloured original Time Team's I still have in my possession , having sold off the rest very early in my career.


  1. gosh, i particularly love the early time time stuff, partly cos it's quite a thrill to see the hartnell stories illustrated in such a dynamic way. you even make the voord look cool!


  2. Neil

    The early Time Teams were a thrill for me too. I could be particularly creative with the missing stories where the only indication were teleshaps or stills.


  3. Yay! More Time Teams!
    Loving these Ade. Any chance you could put up the Marco Polo one - that was really tiny in DWM.

    And when are they bringing out a Time Team book so you can go back and do all the ones you had to miss out? I`d buy it just for those!