Thursday 12 December 2013


Originally a b/w commission - the client later asked if I would colour it and I've finally found time in my schedule. I introduced the blue tones to give the hot colours something to bounce off.

Friday 6 December 2013

Monday 2 December 2013


I have just sold this original Timeteam art for THE FACELESS ONES. That leaves just one original artwork left from the Patrick Troughton Timeteams in my possession. In case you are interested it's for FURY FROM THE DEEP. After that's gone I will have no more Hartnell or Troughton art left! If you are interested I'm charging £60-00 each plus postage for the Timeteam artworks throughout December. That includes New Who art too!

Sunday 1 December 2013


I liked the idea of the drawing the War Chief and some soldiers from the Dr Who story THE WARGAMES as plastic soldiers with bases. Nothing more to it than that - it was printed on the DWM introduction page.

The  Time Team illustration itself featured Romans who briefly turn up in the one of the war games sectors. I'm planning to be drawing more Romans soon!