Tuesday 26 June 2012


Here's a very recent commission to colour the art I did for a client earlier this year. This was good practice getting into the swing of colouring strips as I'll be colouring one of the stories in the upcoming IDW Dr Who Annual 2012. Can't wait!

Monday 25 June 2012


I've a large selection of Bernice Summerfield art for sale that was used  on either Big Finish's book or audio range. All artwork is black and white ( see image above for size). Price is £60.00 each. Please contact me at adrian.salmon@btinternet.com  under heading Benny art sale. I can supply digital photo of any art you're interested in. Here's the available art listing:

CD Cover Art

Secret of Cassandra
The Green-Eyed Monsters
Dance of the Dead
Mirror Effect
The Bellatron Incident
Draconian Rage
                                          Poison Seas - SOLD
The Bone of Contention
                                         The Grel Escape - SOLD
                                         Masquerade of Death - SOLD
                                          Kingdom of the Blind - SOLD
Something Changed
                                         The Goddess Quandary- SOLD
The Tartarus Gate
                                         Timeless Passages - SOLD
                                         Empire State - SOLD
                                         Tub full of Cats - SOLD
The Judas Gift
The Final Amendment
                                         The Wake - SOLD
Beyond the Sea
                                          The Diet of  Worms - SOLD
The Adolescence of Time
                                          Glory Days - SOLD
                                          Secret Origins - SOLD
Freedom of Imformation
The Greatest Shop in the Galaxy
                                          Dead Man's Switch - SOLD
Year Zero
                                          Silver Lining - SOLD

Book Covers

The Glass Prison
Life During Wartime
A Life in Pieces
The Tree of Life
Genius Loci
Old Friends
                                       Missing Adventures - SOLD
The Vampire Curse
Secret Histories
The Two Jasons
The Big Hunt

Wednesday 13 June 2012


I was delighted to be asked to illustrate two posters for these upcoming fringe plays. Robots of Death is adapted from Chris Boucher's Dr Who original story and Storm Mine based on the audio adventure script. The images needed to represent each play individually but at the same time tieing them together. It struck me the chessboard from the play would be an ideal graphic solution representing the cat and mouse game between Taren Capel and the crew of the Sandminer An ambigious robotic faced Taren looking down on the game as two Vocs stand guard.

The second illustration was more difficult and so became more of a composite of elements - the human dream tree , the Fendahl monster and the quarantined Kaldor city forming a backdrop with the Robot central to the story towering over.

For the premiere *only* - Paul Darrow !! will be starring which I hope to be at. For more details go to : http://www.kasterborous.com/2012/06/robots-of-death-at-the-greater-manchester-fringe/

Tuesday 12 June 2012


Below are a few examples of covers I've coloured for Panini/Marvel titles. I've always enjoyed colouring other artists' work - you learn alot about their approach. Some artists leave plenty for the colourist to do whilst others shade and tone their drawings with black ink. With the advent of digital colouring , comic art styles have evolved to take best advantage of the new possibilities. All the art you see below was drawn in the 1970s and 80s except the last cover and hence the drawing had to be stronger to contain the simpler colour techniques back then. I think these brush up quite well overall.

Friday 8 June 2012


Benny's creator Paul Cornell has put together a picture resource  http://pinterest.com/paulcornell/bernice-summerfield/ for Bernice Summerfield which includes plenty of my work naturally! For those interested I do have original Benny cover art of many of these for sale so get in touch if interested.

Friday 1 June 2012


In the latest issue of DWM ( # 448) the Timeteam watch The Idiot's Lantern which is set at the time of the Queen's Coronation in 1952. It occured to me that this was an ideal opportunity to use a Pop Art retro style. I did a bit of this way back in the series The Cybermen so it was nice to revisit. After drawing and inking the art as usual I added some dot screens digitally ( like the old Letratone) and used  very flat colours hopefully evoking memories of Roy Lichtenstein's controversial comic panels. Below are various stages of the artwork.
Have a great bank holiday everyone!