Tuesday 26 June 2012


Here's a very recent commission to colour the art I did for a client earlier this year. This was good practice getting into the swing of colouring strips as I'll be colouring one of the stories in the upcoming IDW Dr Who Annual 2012. Can't wait!


  1. I notice you *lost* some of the blacks in colouring this piece, ie the hand in 5. I guess that was for clarity in moving from black and white to colour, but I was wondering - would you always take that approach? I'm thinking of when you colour other artists' work; do you treat them as if you were colouring your work, or does their work take precedence over what you would do?

  2. Yes I edited the blackline in places on this for clarity. As for colouring others work - I wouldn't edit out anything another artist has done except if the editor requested it beforehand ( that has happened). I might do colour holds on lines though if an effect required it. Basically I try to colour sympathetically to drawing I'm given - some art requires more work in shading , others less. That's what I like about colouring others work - I learn what makes them tick.:)


  3. Just wondered if the Zygon strip was for a private person or if it's going to be published. It looks fab.

  4. A private commission . Thanks.