Thursday 27 October 2016


In honour of Bernie Wrightson's 68th birthday today I'm posting my Inktober drawing of Swamp Thing. Bernie is recovering from a second operation for a brain tumour so I wanted to dedicate this drawing to him and wish him a successful recovery and happy birthday! Without Bernie's artwork I wouldn't be the artist I am today - he's been very important to me since I was a teenager - an inspiration that continues to this day. Bernie I salute you - you're the best!


Sunday 23 October 2016

STEVE DILLON 1962-2016

The only compensation I can think of in this sad situation is that he started so well so young that even at his untimely death of 54 he'd produced an incredible body of work already for generations to read and admire. For me particularly his first 10 years were his best before he swapped his brush for a pen and started paring things down - no doubt in response to increasing deadline pressure. He was a heavy drinker and smoker which is never a good combination for such a sendentary career as drawing comics. His work never struck me as artistically pretentious or particularly interested in art with a capital A.He drew in an uncomplicated natural way - telling stories clearly but with plenty of gusto and drama that appealed directly to the common man which I think was ultimately his secret of success. Everybody loved Steve Dillon and that's a rare thing for an artist.I'm glad that I saw his work when I did as it directed my path probably more than I've acknowledged before. Death brings thoughts to the fore quite acutely.