Wednesday, 16 May 2018


I was asked to contribute an illustration to Dr Who Magazine issue 525 out this month , for Andrew Pixley's article 'The Cutting-Room Floor'. The feature was about the numerous cuts that have taken place at script stage in Dr Who over the years. Initially I was asked to come up with an idea and considered having various images from the show's history on pieces of film scattered on the floor , which might of been a bit on the nose in retrospect.

Editorial  asked me the concentrate on one image which they chose from the 2012 story 'Power of Three'. The Shakri was supposed to attack Amy , Rory and the Doctor with bolts of energy blazing from it's eyes. This was never filmed and I was asked to envisage how this might of looked.

Below are the preliminary stages in development of the artwork from digital rough to pencils on Bristol board . Initially I imagined that beams of energy were emitted from the Shakri's eyes until I re-read the text and made changes to bolts at the pencil stage.

I'll post the final art when I can.

Ade 2018

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