Saturday 9 May 2009

Torchwood Dog Fight!

Where does time fly to? Seems like only yesterday I was posting here but the clock says different. I'm in the latest issue of Titan's Torchwood mag - it was great to be asked to draw this episode called Broken - written by Gary Russell!

The flash from the past is from a MEGAZINE fiction called DOG FIGHT - it's in the style I worked up for Terry Sharp - though stylistically I'm wading through new/old waters at present drawing a black and white strip to be coloured by somebody else. It's a secret and it's huge fun...



  1. You bloody fuckin' tosser!!! You've had a blog this long and never let me know about it?!?

  2. new comics from ade salmon! that is good news -gonna get my laid-up arse into town and buy this baby!

    and the DOG FIGHT pic is a beaut, you do a damned fine werewolf, but i don't remember this, when did it appear? and can we see some more?

  3. I love that werewolf, I've made that my desktop background. Luckily, the kids love a big old wolf around here!

  4. Torchwood stuff looks bloody brilliant Ade. And a mysterious secret job, eh??? Must be the time of year for mystery projects

  5. great panels! i love the shapes, such great compositions

  6. Fantastic. I loved the Dogfight pic when the story came out (oh, yeah, it's Cav Scott here - I wrote it for the megazine.)

    Mind if I pop it on my new work site I'm building?



  7. I love that drawing of Captain Jack. Wow!

  8. Thanks ! I'll be back drawing Jack next month all things going to plan.:)