Tuesday 9 November 2010

A Study In Terror

These are the first character designs I did for a strip written by Robert Tinnell called A Study In Terror - it's a riff on those great 1960's psycho thrillers like Hysteria , Fanatic and Paranoiac ! Bob wrote the first script which I've worked roughs up on. It was originally destined as a back-up strip to run in Bob and Neil Vokes' monthly Flesh And Blood comic. That's now become a graphic novel so A Study In Terror has no home now. No matter , I hope we can ressurect this at some point in the future because I really love the 1960's setting. Here's some pics for now!


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  1. I watched "Hysteria" online about a month ago. It may not be the best of Jimmy Sangster's "Les Diaboliques" knock-offs, but entertaining enough all the same. I too really like the run of suspense thrillers that Hammer released in the wake of "Taste of Fear" - generally, they're very overlooked.
    These roughs of yours are nice - would love to see "A Study In Terror" in print one day.