Thursday 4 August 2011

Father's Day turning point

Here's the pencils . inks and colours for the Father's Day Time Team art. After playing around on previous TT pix with a more cartooned look recently I finally threw up my hands and went back to drawing in a more real way , albeit still blocky. I was trying to capture that feeling I got when I started this series way , way back. There are definite hints of that earlier blockiness in evidence , the Doctor and the Reaper both felt *right*. Both Rose and her father were drawn more realistically because they were forground figures. I've been drawing a strip for the next SMH Lovecraft anthology recently as well , on paper trying to get something back I felt the digital drawing had stolen from me. It's not about being old skool or any of that bollocks , more about losing the facility digital seems to give my work and bringing some struggle into my drawing again. It's been strenuous but not unrewarding. You'll see with the next few Time Team pics a darker feel to them.

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