Monday 16 January 2012

It's a Jimmy Sangster Psychothriller !


Inks and Manga Studio tone.

For Little Shoppe Of Horrors I was asked to provide an illustration that covered some aspect of writer Jimmy Sangster's work at Hammer film studios. Sangster wrote a hell of alot of genres for Hammer from horror ( CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN) to historical ( DEVIL SHIP PIRATES) to psychological thrillers inspired by the likes of Hitchcock's PSYCHO. I chose to illustrate this last genre mainly because he wrote all of Hammers Psychothrillers as they've become known and it's a genre arguably all his own from their canon.

Now I'll state right up I'm not a fan of multi image illustrations like this - I think it's a lazy way to compose art , grab a few stills and stick 'em together. So I decided the best thing was to centralise the picture with an image of Jimmy ( with script) and then balance various iconic images , characters around him. Ollie Reed look malevolent from PARANOIAC , Bette Davis from THE ANNIVERSARY , TASTE OF FEAR's wheelchair bound victim and crazy drug addled James Olsen's psycho with hatchet from CRESCENDO. The odd looking character up top with the hook is also from PARANOIAC.

I wanted the art to feel old school in that letratone way and experimented with various tones in Manga Studio. The recurring circular motif in the background was a last minute addition not planned - it seemed to suggest the paranioa these films elicit at heart. I recommend you check out any of these films if you're a fan of the genre like I am.


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