Wednesday 25 April 2012


Ever since watching the video of Revenge of the Cybermen before a UKCAC convention in the 1990's I've had a soft spot for these versions of the Cybermen. I'm not exactly sure why - they aren't the scariest but they did inovate the black headed leader idea , seen most recently in the latest series. The story itself is set inside Voga , the planet of gold  , though in reality it was actually Wookey Hole in the Mendips in Somerset. Of course it's the only time Tom Baker's Doctor met the Cyber race , which might hold the key to my affection.

I wanted to give them a stoic quality , feet firmly planted in the limestone dust , sorry gold dust , as the Vogans are attacking.


  1. You've given them a weight and a bulk that wasn't possible with the production techniques of the time. These are 'metal' cybermen, not just actors in wetsuits

  2. Thanks Paul. I've always struggled with this version before but finally nailed how I'd like them to look this time !

  3. These are sooo cool.
    The new designs are not a patch on these or the earthshock versions!

  4. Hi Wiggz! - gotta agree mate. The Earthshock cybermen suits are bitch to draw - all tubes and circuitry. The new ones I've just drawn for next months Timeteam.:)

  5. Hey Ade
    Bank holiday weekend coming up and some extra "downtime" - after seeing these again - I'm in the mood for some Tom baker era Who now -I'm going to have to watch Revenge again now...

    I just found these Cybermen so much more scary...

    thanx for showing Ade!