Wednesday 24 October 2012


Following is all the original Benny cover art that is left.

CD Cover Art

Secret of Cassandra
The Green-Eyed Monsters
Dance of the Dead
Mirror Effect
The Bellatron Incident
Draconian Rage
The Bone of Contention
Something Changed
The Tartarus Gate
The Final Amendment
Beyond the Sea
The Adolescence of Time
Freedom of Imformation
The Greatest Shop in the Galaxy
Year Zero

Book Covers

The Glass Prison
The Tree of Life
Genius Loci
Old Friends
The Vampire Curse
Secret Histories
The Two Jasons

I also found the original interior art of the main characters published inside the Heart's Desire CD. Below are digital photos of both. All the Benny covers still for sale are  £60.00 each plus £7.50 postage . This includes the original art below.

Email me at to see digital photos of any art you are interested in. Title your email Benny Art Sale.

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