Tuesday 19 February 2013


Following on from the last post I wanted to show more of the style I'm pursuing right now. I think the first illustration particularly captures the look even though the perspective of the stairs is questionable. Then again there is something about artwork that isn't *perfect* that appeals to me. I was pleased with the hot orange colour scheme particularly - it's the type of thing you might of found in a copy of Look-In in the 1970s. The pencils included are for comparison. Whilst I strive to get all the shapes right ( let's forget those stairs :) this style of working does demand you ink in the final details live adding an edginess to the drawing. I also tried to colour in a blocky untidy way - I particularly like the shading on the girl's face on the right in this respect. Somebody told me that the monster reminded them of the Terror of the Autons Target book cover which I take as a compliment - job done!

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  1. Sweet.
    I'm interested to hear how the editor(s) at DWM reacted. Did you have to 'sell' them on the change in style?, cos you know how conservative some fans can be about changes mid-way in a run.
    I like the edgier line and colouring, it almost gives a documentary feel.It can't be long 'til we see this in a strip? I can see this working really well in a Hammer-style strip, something with Cushing (he hints heavily). Although, I'm guess as far as Who goes, this 50th year is already sewn up.