Tuesday 10 September 2013


On a cheerier note here's a slew of pencils for some recent Timeteam illustrations! As ever determining what to draw is done by eliminating all but the essential imagery to convey what the story is about and looking for opportunities to present this. For instance in BLINK the essential images were the girl , the Weeping Angel , the Doctor and as a last thought the key. Whilst this exact image doesn't appear precisely in the story in every detail at once- the illustration still conveys what goes on in a broader sense. This could easily have occured. In the FAMILY OF BLOOD illustration of the Doctor being kissed you will see the alterations I had to make to the Doctor's hair and jacket. I drew him too much like the Doctor initially rather than as John Smith the teacher. In 42 I had the visored man's fist raised first but this was changed to him opening the visor. It's small changes like this that can add a big impact to a piece of art.


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