Friday 3 April 2009

Reptile ...sssss

THE REPTILE is just about my favourite Hammer film. I really like the design of the monster and quite a few years back I did this piece. My work has moved on since then but I still like the bold stylisation. Later this year I'll be tackling a new REPTILE in colour...



  1. That's a cracker, Ade. The perspective really makes her tower over us. Great shapes as ever. More please...

  2. ade - loving this! dead-on composition, full of drama, and the 'snaking' hair and a candlestick add to the shock dynamic.
    gonna be a real treat seeing you do a new one in colour, surprised it's taken dick this long to ask you. or is it more you finding the spare time?

  3. Love the crazy corridor, really adds to the pic.
    It's great Hammer film, and I just know you'll have read the comic adaptation.