Thursday 29 December 2011

Ballad Of Halo Jones poster

From 2nd-7th of January a play of The Ballad Of Halo Jones will be playing at the Lass O' Gowrie pub in Manchester , home to the infamous Dr Who Pubcons as well as many other worthy events. I was asked to draw an image for the poster/flyer. I'd not read Halo Jones since when it debuted in 2000AD so had to do a little research first. Inially as you'll see from my rough I thought the *Ring* was a space station ! It was suggested I use the spaceship Clara Pandy instead ( which worked much better). I liked the idea of Halo walking out of the circular motif whilst the ship took off from the Ring city.

Original artist Ian Gibson has a very cartoony and decorative style and I concentrated on getting Halo's features close to his whilst evolving her clothes to be more practical ( whilst still having style). I wanted the city ot feel a bit grim and dirty and so used a hot slighty grubby palette . Something more monochromatic and modern in contrast to the more colourful work of Gibson.

Event details at :

Here's the steps:

                                                           Pen and marker rough.

                                  Refined pencil drawing squared up by hand using grid method.

          Inks using pen and brushpen before being refined in Manga Studio and effects added to clouds.

   Mid colour point showing how I build the colouring up in blocks before highlights and sfx added.

                                                        Final image sent to the client.


  1. Love your artwork, the best non-Gibson Halo, I've seen. I'm coming to see the show & saw the 'In the red theatre company' version, back in the day... Think it's going to be SLAPPY! a total Chop Party, Safe Night, Stuart

  2. Fabulous work Ade! There was never any debate for us at the Lass as to who was doing the art for this piece of work!

  3. Thanks to both of you. It was a distinct pleasure to get a chance to draw the legendary Ian Gibson's character ! My resolution for 2012 is draw more stuff I'm not normally associated with.:)

    Happy New Year all.