Monday 21 January 2013


It seems appropriate in this 50th Anniversary year for Doctor Who to blog a previous anniversary picture from The Three Doctors. I can't recall much about drawing this except that the editor at the time felt it was rather complicated for my style. The original art was sent over to the U.S. where it was auctioned at one of the Gallifrey conventions. I have no idea how much it made. I attach a scan of the pencils for comparison.


  1. Hi Ade, I was sure how to get in touch with you other than posting here so sorry for invading your comments section! I've recently completed a love letter to Bernice Summerfield on my blog and your covers were one of my top ten reasons to check out the range! The article is here...

    And there is a montage of covers at the begining of the article so people can check them out.

    I really miss those covers.

  2. We all miss those covers, I think. A shame they stopped using them and went the way of (it seems) everything these days and use samey photomontages.