Tuesday 7 March 2017


The Jeffery Jones Sketchbook arrived this morning. For some reason I was expecting a bigger book but this is about A4 and exactly the size it should be. It's chock full of sketches in pencil and ink printed on a delicate paper stock but what delighted me also was the continuing monologue between Jones and George Pratt throughout the book talking about their journey in art and painting. Frankly I'd of been happy with a book full of pretty pictures but this is so much better! I want to read this in sequence but can't help reading snippets and it's GOLD I tell you!

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  1. Jeff Jones is one of my favorite fantasy artists. I especially love his impressionistic oil paintings shown on the cover of this Sketchbook. However, all of the art inside the covers is rather sketchy pen and ink work interesting mainly to collectors of Jones. The real plus of this one is the long interview (2000) with George Pratt , a 20-year friend. A much better buy, in my opinion, is THE ART OF JEFFREY JONES, as it contains more of his better works.